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Search our frequently asked questions and documents to learn more about our work.

1. How do I enroll in Local Foods Connection?

Individuals, families and agencies in the greater Grinnell area are eligible for enrollment in Local Foods Connection. We accept requests on a referral basis.

2. Where Can I Buy Local Food?

Local food comes from farms that are close enough to your home that you would be willing to drive to them and take a tour. Local implies a closeness that extends beyond physical distance; it also means knowledge of the land on which the food grown, the farmer who grows it and the agricultural methods the farmers uses in managing the land and his animals.

Learn more about Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) and the local food movement in our region by watching this video created by Iowa City Channel 4. Mary Bryant and her crew interviewed farmers during Local Foods Connection’s 2013 CSA Fair.

3. What do Your Clients Learn About Food and Farming?

Local Foods Connection offers its clients the opportunity to learn more about agriculture, health and nutrition. Everyone is welcome to use and reproduce all or part of these pamphlets – please just give us credit in a footnote, on a title page or during a presentation! Providing a link to our website is welcome. If you use any of our materials, please consider making a donation! You will find an overview of our education program in the Local Foods Connection Activity Booklet

One aspect of our education program is “Food Facts Sheets.” To help our clients become familiar with the food they will be eating throughout the growing season: Vegetables and Fruits, Nutrition and Health, Farming and Sustainable Agriculture, and Cooking Techniques. Each pamphlet has a quiz that comes with it. The clients read the pamphlet, take a quiz and mail the quiz back to us. Not only do clients learn useful and interesting facts, they receive points for each answer. With these points, they can purchase kitchenware from our small store. These are also a tool for parents to teach their children about health and food. We are happy to share these educational materials with you. Please consider making a donation if you find them useful!

We are working on translating our Food Facts Sheets into Spanish.

Another aspect of our education program is our recommended book and movie lists for adults on the topics of agriculture, food, nutrition and cooking. Our clients can earn points by reading a book or watching a movie and then writing a review.

Our volunteers have compiled of list of Spanish language books related to cooking, nutrition, agriculture and gardening at the Iowa City Public Library.

Everyone is welcome to use and reproduce all or part of these pamphlets – please just give us credit in a footnote, on a title page or during a presentation! Providing a link to our website is welcome. If you use any of our materials, please consider making a donation!

4. Why do Some People Need Help Accessing the Local Food Movement?

Local Foods Connection has conducted some research into the factors which influence the low-income consumers’ awareness and perceptions of fresh food and the local food movement in general.

Top Barriers to Local Food Access by the Low Income: We compiled a list of barriers that low-income individuals and families face in accessing fresh and local food. We did this to help our community better understand the complex factors that influence a person’s shopping and eating behaviors.


Farmers Market Survey: The goals of conducting this survey were to inform the Iowa City community about the barriers low-income families and individuals face to shopping at the farmers market and about the barriers market vendors face to accepting food assistance.

7. How Can I Bring Local Foods Connection to my Community?

Local Foods Connection serves the greater Iowa City area. We are writing a replication manual so that other communities around the country can be inspired by our work. In the meantime, we have made a basic outline of our programs.

8. How is Local Foods Connection Funded?

Most of our income comes from donations from individuals like you! Please consider making a donation. We also receive donations from community businesses and other nonprofit organizations and foundations.

9. “I Love the Artwork and Design of the Local Foods Connection Website! Who are the Artists?”

10. Are there volunteering opportunities available with Local Foods Connection?

Everyone can help us!

*Local Foods Connection is always looking to increase the reach of its e-newsletter and Facebook page. You are welcome to connect your friends, family, civic group and work places to our organization through encouraging people to sign up for our e-newsletter, liking our Facebook page or making a donation. Add a blurb about Local Foods Connection to the newsletter for your church, synagogue or mosque.

*Business owners can partner with Local Foods Connection for fundraising events. We will help promote your business while you can run a fun event to attract customers.

*Our current volunteer needs include folks who can:

  • staff a booth at an event
  • help in the office
  • post on social media
  • find grant opportunities
  • help us find and recruit other volunteers
  • and help us meet our funding goals
For more information, look through our volunteer roles below to find the one that fits your talents and passions, while also fitting into your schedule. Let us know you are interested by completing the form at:
Email us at with any questions.